Blinke Beauty Bar is an eyelash spa specializing in all things volume. We love glam, and saving time in our routine. We are a small but mighty team of Lash Artists. Our goal is to empower our clients and make their everyday routine easier. We hope that every client walks out of our studio feeling better than they did walking in. 

Blinke started in 2014 and with many hours, hard work, and dedication we are now an established beauty bar in St Paul, Minnesota. We provide beauty services, train lash artists, and provide mentorship for others. We've created a relaxing, beautiful and inviting environment so you can thoroughly enjoy your self-care time.

Our Team

Amy Medearis

She specializes in mega volume lashes & has been building her lash skills since 2014. Before opening BBB she worked for large local corporations analyzing data. Amy graduated from college with a business degree. During her college years is when she created Blinke. Lashing was a side hustle until it became her career & her ultimate passion.

Amy always reminds herself that working as a lash artist is one of the most rewarding careers. She is so grateful for the opportunity to connect with her clients on a daily basis. She is so appreciative of everyone who has supported her dream over the years. For fun, she is outside with her dog, reading, spending time with her family, or checking out a new restaurant in town.

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Emily Fricke 

Emily is extremely excited to connect with you all through lashes at our studio. Her favorite part about lashes is how customizable they are, there is really something for everyone. Emily discovered her love for the art of lashing as she has an eye for detail and a hint of perfectionism. When she's not at the studio or practicing, she's out to brunch, with friends, thrifting, or hanging out with her kitty!

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McKenzie Bernloehr

Hello, lovelies!! My name is Kenzie and I am so excited to be a part of the Blinke team! My favorite part about being in this industry is making my clients feel beautiful and confident after they see me.  I am excited to be offering lash lifts, brow laminations, wax services, and lashes while I continue to grow my skills in mega volume! When I am not in the studio, I spend lots of my time with friends and family, taking myself on coffee dates, teaching dance, and shopping! I cannot wait to see some of your lovely new faces!

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